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1. Join the community.
2. Fill out the application.
3. You must be at least 13 to apply.
4. Your application must be under an Lj-cut.
5. In the subject put "Fucking Rockstar."
6. We base our rating mostly on looks.
7. If you can't handle critisizm, don't apply because we'll be as harsh & as honest as we want.
8. Don't be a fuck a piss off any of the members or mods, you will be auto-rejected.
9. You need at least a 6.5 to be accepted.

1. Be honest when voting on an application.
2. When voting, you must rate the applicant with a number [1-10] & put it in the subject.
3. Be active as much as possible.
4. No promoting other communities in here!
5. When promoting our community, please don`t spam! That could get our community banned, and we don`t want that to happen!
6. Once you are accepted, you are allowed to re-apply for a better rating. If you receiving a rating lower than your first one, you keep the first one. If you recieve below a 6.5 you are rejected..meaning KICKED OUT!
7. Every once in a while when I feel we have members who aren't active & don't desereve to stay, I will post an innactivity cut in which each member votes someone out. Not everyone will be nominated for elimination.
8. At the beginning of each month, I will post a "Member of the Month." I will determine the Member of the Month by the Community points.
9. You recieve points for the following; Promoting, Posting pictures, Participating in themes/ contests & also getting people to apply.

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